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Welcome to Quest Musique &

With two locations in Winnipeg, Canada, we are your source for musical instruments like guitars, bass, drums, ukuleles, and more! We also have a wide selection of guitar & bass amplifiers and pro audio gear like active speakers, mixing consoles, lighting and more. We carry everything from household brands to more hard-to-find boutique brands. We are proud to feature companies like Fender, Taylor, Gibson, Martin, ESP/LTD, Ibanez, Jackson, Tanglewood, Godin, Takamine, Sire, Spector, Ludwig, Blackstar, Engl, Orange, Aguilar, Bergantino, MusicMan, QSC, JHS, Wampler, EarthQuaker Devices and more! Our qualified staff are always available to help if you have any questions. You can contact us through e-mail or by phone at 1-866-386-5638.

Quest Musique has been in business for over 25 years and has served tens of thousands of satisfied customers. We are located in Canada (South Central) in the heart of North America and ship world wide every day. With the best brands, the fastest shipping and an experienced customer service team standing by, the choice is easy.

Brands Available From Quest Musique

Aguilar, Airis Effects, Akai, AKG, Alesis, Alexander Effects, Alfred's, Allen & Heath, Allparts, Alto, Alvarez, American DJ, Ampeg, Apogee, Art & Lutherie, Ashly, Ashun Sound Machines, Audient, Audio-Technica, Backun, Bare Knuckle Pickups, BBE, Beaver Creek, Benson Amps (Pedals), Bergantino, Bigsby, Black Mountain, Blackstar, Caroline Guitar Company, Casio, CB Percussion, Charvel, Cioks, Cleartone, Cort, Crown, D'Addario, Darkglass Electronics, dbx, Dean Markley, Diamond, Digiflex, DiMarzio, Dingwall, Disaster Area, Dixon, DR Strings, Duesenberg, DW, EarthQuaker Devices, Eastman, EAW, Electro-Harmonix, Elixir, Emerson, EMG, Empress, ENGL, Epiphone, Ernie Ball, ESP, EVH, Evidence Audio, Fairfield Circuitry, Faxx, Fender, Fishman, Floyd Rose, Focusrite, Foxgear Pedals, Furman, Fuzzrocious, Gator, GFI System, Gibraltar, Gibson, Godin, Gold Tone, Gon Bops, Greer Amps, Grestch, Gruv Gear, GTS Music, Hal-Leonard, Hartke, HeadRush, Hercules, Hipshot, Horizon Devices, Hosa, Ibanez, IK Multimedia, ION, Jackson, Jasmine, Jay Turser, JBL, JHS, Jim Dunlop, K&M, Kala, Katho Percussion, Keeley, KNA Pickups, Korg, KRK, Kun, Laney, LaPatrie, Larrivee, Leem, Levy's, Los Cabos, Mackie, Markbass, Marshall, Martin, Mastery, Mono, Moog, Moongel, Music Man, Music Nomad, MXR, Neumann, Neunaber, Neutrik, Nord, Novation, NS Design, Numark, On-Stage, One Control, Orange, Ortega, Oscar Schmidt, Outlaw, Pearl, Pioneer,  PreSonus, ProMark, Profile, ProTec, PRS, QSC, Radial, RCF, Red Panda Labs, Remo, Reupert Neve Designs, Rico, Roc N Soc, Rode, Roland, Roli, Sabian, Samson, Schecter Guitar Research, Sennheiser, Seagull, Seymour Duncan, Shure, Simon & Patrick, Sinclair, Sire, Soundcraft, Spaceman Effects, Spector Bass Guitars, Squier, Steinberg, Stentor, StudioLogic, Takamine, Tama, TC Electronic, Tech 21, ToneWood Amp, Universal Audio, Vic Firth, Vox, Walrus Audio, Wampler Pedals, Warm Audio, Westbury, Wilkinson, Wren and Cuff, Xotic Effects, Yamaha, Zildjian, Zoom