Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

For those that are looking for the perfect analog-sounding tape delay pedal or thought that Catalinbread's Belle Epoch EP3 pedal just needed to be taken to a whole other level, the Belle Epoch Deluxe is for you!

Catalinbread's Belle Epoch Deluxe features more accurate circuitry to a vintage Echoplex unit and features more tone control than the standard Belle Epoch using a hybrid of digital and analog circuitry. Controls knobs on this pedal include six different Echo programs/voicings, depth control, record level, echo volume, echo sustain and echo delay. There's also a momentary echo oscillation footswitch and expression output!

Another great feature with this pedal is that although it runs on 22v power, you only need a standard 9v power supply at 200ma. Plug in your power supply and let the pedal do the conversion!

If you have half an hour free, check out the incredibly in depth overview that Howard over at Catalinbread made.

The Belle Epoch Deluxe is now in-stock! Check it out here.

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For more information on the Belle Epoch Deluxe, call our staff at 1-866-386-5638!

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