New 2017 Schecter Guitars

New 2017 Schecter Guitars

Some amazing new 2017 Schecter guitars have landed at Quest for stock!

While Schecter is more prominently known for their 'metal' styled guitars, models like the PT Special invoke a more classic style while the new Sun Valley Super Shredder guitars feature a very-80's inspired look.

Schecter Apocalypse C-7 Electric Guitar

The new Apocalypse series is without doubt a monster designed for metal using a swamp ash body and an almost 'distressed' looking rusty grey finish. These guitars also use Schecter's own USA-made high-output Apocalypse pickups and feature a very comfortable 'Thin C' neck profile that have made Scheceter guitars extremely popular in the world of metal.


Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder Electric Guitar

The new Sun Valley Super Shredder models also feature that popular 'Thin C' neck profile and are equipped standard with EMG RetroActive pickups and an exclusive Floyd Rose 'Hot Rod Special' tremolo system. In addition to gloss black and white, these guitars also come in either Sea Foam Green or Lambo Orange and the upgrade to the Sustainiac system is available, as it is on many Schecter guitars.


Schecter PT Special Electric Guitar

For those looking for that classic Tele shape, but want something just a little more unique, the PT Special is an excellent choice. The swamp ash body is finished in either 3-tone sunburst or black which is fairly common for this style of guitar, but the thin, satin finish on the body allows for the natural grain of the swamp ash to come through. This gives the guitar a very unique look and feel. The pickup combination of the P-90 in the neck and single coil in the bridge allows for this guitar to be tonally versatile while still using standard 'tele-style' controls. This guitar uses a slightly thicker 'C' profile neck which makes the guitar immediately comfortable in the hands of someone used to playing a more classic-style instrument.

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