Ibanez BTB Standard 5-String Bass - Dragon Eye Burst Low Gloss

by Ibanez
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Without a doubt, your instrument should reflect the dedication you place in your musicianship and creative endeavors. At a certain point, the word "boutique" comes to mind: Select-grade materials, neck-thru construction, and top quality components, all in a meticulously combined into a stunning pro-level instrument. But what about the upfront investment of such an instrument? That's where Ibanez comes in. Ibanez's ability to build small-shop quality, into inspiring yet affordable instruments, is showcased in droves with BTB series basses.

• 5pc Maple/Walnut neck with Graphite reinforcement rods
• Rosewood fretboard
• Medium Stainless Steel frets
• Flamed Maple top / Ash / Okoume wing body
• Bartolini BH2 pickups
• Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ
• MR5 bridge
• 3-way Mid frequency switch