Chapman Guitars

Chapman Guitars is a small British guitar company with a big difference.

Brought to existence in June 2009 by founder Rob Chapman, Chapman Guitars has grown exponentially over the past 8 years, guided by the core ideal of collaborative design and a team of highly skilled musicians, engineers, designers and creatives. As musicians Chapman strives to build their instruments to the highest standard, guitars and basses that they themselves routinely record and tour with. Their aim is to create the highest quality instruments for the best value.

At Quest Musique, we are proud and excited to offer Chapman Guitars to our customers in Winnipeg and across Canada with Free Shipping available on every Chapman Guitar.

  • Chapman Standard Series Ghost Fret - Black Blood v2

    Chapman Standard Series Ghost Fret - Black Blood v2


    Please note that this is currently a pre-order item with an expected ship date of September - October 2019. The improved 2019 Chapman Ghost Fret wi...

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