Ludwig Drums - Junior Outfit Complete Drum Kit

by Ludwig

This Ludwig Junior Outfit Set is a pint-sized, authentic set of drums for the budding percussionist. These setup features wood shells, tunable heads, straight cymbal and hi-hat stands, kick pedal and a junior throne. The 16" bass drum is the perfect size to mount the 8" and 10" mounted toms. Hi-hat and crash cymbals are included.

Bass drum(s): 16" x 10"
Tom(s): 8" x 5", 10" x 5"
Floor tom(s): 13" x 10"
Snare: 12" x 4"
Total pieces: 5
Cymbals: Yes
Total cymbals: 2
Hardware: Yes
Bass pedal(s): Yes
Hi-hat stand: Yes
Boom stand(s): Not applicable
Straight stand(s): Yes
Throne: Yes
Hardware pieces: 4
Shell material: Info not available
Construction: Multi-ply
Thickness (mm): Info Not Available
Bearing edge: Info not available
Drum Hardware
Material: Steel
Mounts: Traditional
Hoops: Info not available
Lugs: Standard
Heads: Factory
Finish type: Wrap
Origin country: China