Moog MF Trem Minifooger Analog Tremolo Pedal

by Moog

Get real VCO-controlled tremolo from Moog's MF Trem Minifooger series tremolo pedal. Perfect for guitar, bass, keyboards, and more, the MF Trem adds a vintage vibe to any tone. Thanks to its incredibly flexible controls and robust 100% analog circuitry, you can use the MF Trem to dial in anything from smooth classic trem effects to hard tremolo that's loaded with harmonics. Crank it up and you can even create glassy near-chorus/phaser effects. There's also a variable Shape control, which you can use to create swells and rhythmical effects, and when you add an expression pedal, the Moog MF Trem even provides hands-free speed control!

Minifooger: real Moog effects packed into compact pedals
With their compact, pedalboard-friendly designs, Moog's Minifooger pedals are a perfect fit for your pedalboard. Their extended frequency ranges make these effects sound great on more than just guitar too - they're excellent for bass, keyboards, and more. True analog signal paths give you the superior sound quality and the unique idiosyncrasies that make vintage pedals so cool. What's more, each of these pedals features a CV input that lets you hook up a Moog expression pedal or synth to take over various parameters.

Moog MF Trem Minifooger Series Analog Tremolo Effects Pedal Features:
A broad range of vintage analog tremolo effects in a single pedal
Shape control creates smooth, reversed, rotary, and percussive effects
Tone control harmonically interacts the effected signal to create wide ranges of movement
Reacts musically to your playing dynamics, chord positioning, and harmonic content
Control your speed setting in real time with an expression pedal for rotary swell effects
Compact design comfortably fits any pedalboard
Great for guitar, bass, keyboards, and more
True-bypass switching preserves your tone
Runs on standard 9V batteries or optional power supply
Dial in vintage tremolo effects with a Moog MF Trem Minifooger pedal!

Tech Specs
Pedal Type Tremolo
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Power Supply Included No
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 2.25"
Width 3.25"
Depth 5.75"
Weight 1.125 lbs.