• Sabian 20" Hand Hammered Garage Ride

Sabian 20" Hand Hammered Garage Ride


Sabian 20" Hand Hammered Garage Ride

Inspired by Claus Hessler, the 20" Garage Ride is a versatile model with dry, controlled stick and a low level of wash, even when you dig in. Its smaller size for a ride makes it an ideal all-purpose cymbal that doubles nicely as a very-controllable crash. Medium-Thin with a small raw bell, it attacks with minimal sustain and dry, controlled stick. SABIAN introduces HH Remastered - with more hammering, more complexity, and more tone. As a result, HH Rides sound more traditional and complex. Much like a remastered classic album is taken from the great to the sublime, HH Remastered adds complexity and tone to each cymbal, delivering unmatched sonic texture across the entire line.


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