Fretted Instrument Repairs


About the Technicians

St. Vital Location: Bruce "Jake" Jacobs is responsible for fretted instrument repairs at Quest Musique's St. Vital location. From electric guitar setups to acoustic guitar bridge re-glues, fretwork to pickup installs and custom electronics installations, he does it all. We repair acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass guitars, mandolins, banjos and most other fretted instruments.
Portage Avenue Location: Terry Barnett joined the Quest team in 2016 and brings decades of experience as a guitar technician to the Portage Avenue location.
Our fretted instrument technicians are Fender Certified
Contact our technicians! St Vital: 204-231-1677 || Portage Avenue: 204-233-4151

Maintenance Tips

Knowing basic maintenance info will help you keep your instrument in much better playing condition. Listed below are some tips for keeping your instrument in good shape.
1. Bring your instrument in at least once or twice a year for a checkup. If it needs help or not, I’ll tell you what should or could be done.
2. It’s is imperative to keep your instrument humidified during the winter season. We sell humidifiers that can fit in your instrument or the case for your instrument if your house is not humidified. It is very important to check the humidity around your instrument frequently and be sure that the humidifier has water in it- every day is a good habit. If you do that, your instrument should live a long and trouble free life.
3. We advise keeping your instrument in its case when it’s not being used. When an instrument comes in to the shop with a broken neck or headstock, it is often caused by the instrument being accidentally knocking off a stand, sliding off the wall where it was leaning, or falling off a chair or table. Laying it on the floor is not a good plan- many a foot or posterior has found its way through the top of a guitar that was left on the floor!


1. How frequently should I change my strings?
The truth is that there is not an easy answer for this question. Different people enjoy different tones- some may prefer the open, ringing clarity of a brand new set of strings while other folks prefer the mellow sound of a set of strings that have been played in. The best advice we can offer is that if you feel that your instrument does not have the playability and drive that you expect from it, a restring will often rejuvenate your ax..
2. My guitar is crackling when I adjust the volume or tone knobs.
Chances are your potentiometers have become oxidized. They normally don’t have to get replaced, as it’s usually relatively easy to clean them- bring your instrument by the shop and we’ll advise the best course of action.
3. My acoustic guitar bridge is pulling off the guitar. Can it be fixed?
Yes. This is relatively common in our punishing climate. An examination in the shop will reveal what has happened and we can tell you what we think should be done.
4. My guitar strings buzz like crazy. What’s the deal?
There are various factors that lead to buzzing- it may be caused by nut slot issues, worn frets, poor neck relief, incorrect bridge height or a combination of factors. If a small adjustment will remedy the situation, it can be done during your free instrument examination. If more detailed intervention is required, we can advise you on what needs to be done.
5. My guitar doesn’t make any sound when it’s plugged in.
This could be caused by a dirty control or output jack, or possibly by broken wiring. This type of issue is normally easily resolved.