Payment Options, Financing & Layaway Plans


We are pleased to offer our customers affordable in-house layaway plans or financing options with Desjardins Accord D Financing.

Applying for financing can be done in-person at one of our Quest Musique locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba

or you can apply for financing by calling our staff at 1-866-386-5638.

There are several plans to choose from, allowing you to invest in the gear you need without breaking the bank or racking up high-interest payments with a credit card.

Opting for a layaway is also quick, easy and only requires and deposit, no credit check necessary.



Pay in Full

You’ve budgeted for your dream gear and you’re ready to go! We offer several different payment methods in-store and online. If your gear is in-stock, you can pick it up right away, or if you’re ordering online your order will be shipped within one business day. If we have to place an order on your behalf, the order gets processed immediately and as soon as your order arrives at our store, it will be made ready for pickup or will be shipped out within one business day of arriving at the shop. In-Store We accept a wide variety of payment methods including: Cash, Interac Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a certified cheque. Online Payments are processed through PayPal’s payment processing system. Accepted methods of payment include: Visa Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or payment using your PayPal account balance. You do not need to have a PayPal account to complete a purchase online. Customers can also place an order using a certified cheque or money order, however in this situation you will have to contact our sales staff prior to placing your order.

Layaway Plan

This is a perfect option if you don’t need the gear right away, and can pay out your balance over a few weeks. There’s no credit check, and no interest but we do hold the gear until the balance is paid in full. A layaway has a duration of 8 weeks. After eight weeks if your balance isn’t paid in full, your payments will still exist as a credit on your customer account, however the gear will be made available for public sale. In-Store Choose the gear you want, and put down a 20% deposit. This deposit starts the layaway process. After that, you can come in the store as frequently as you want to put more money down on the layaway. There’s no minimum deposit amount, as long as the balance is paid in full after eight weeks. Your gear will be made available for pickup once your balance is paid in full. Payment methods include: Cash, Interac Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a certified cheque. Online or by Phone Browse our website and decide on the gear you’d like to purchase, then call our staff at 1-866-386-5638! Our staff will confirm your order total after tax and any necessary shipping charges. Then your order gets processed on an automated payment schedule. You can make scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments spread out over an 8 week period. Once this has been confirmed, you will receive electronic invoices by e-mail which you can pay with Visa Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or your PayPal account balance. While you pay your outstanding balance, we set aside your order and ship everything once your balance has been paid in full.

Financing with the Desjardins Accord D Financing Program

If you need the gear right away and have established a good credit history, this option is for you! Financing with Desjardins is 0% interest over either a one or two year term with payments scheduled on a monthly basis. Once your application has been approved, you get immediate access to your gear. If we need to order your gear, the order is processed immediately after approval. Once you’ve made your purchase, monthly payments are processed directly through Desjardins, meaning you don’t have to come back to the store to make your payments.


Choose the gear you want, and then talk to our staff about applying for financing. We’ll go through the application process with you and your application will be submitted within minutes. Be sure to bring your Driver’s License or another piece of government issued photo ID with you and have your Social Insurance Number available. Once your application has been submitted, a result should come back in a matter of minutes. If approved, our staff will process your purchase based on either the one or two year term.


Browse our site and choose your gear! Once you know what you would like to order, call our staff at 1-866-386-5638. We will be able to take your personal information over the phone and fill out your Desjardins application. Once that information has been confirmed your application will be submitted to Desjardins for approval. When your application is approved we will e-mail you a couple documents that must be signed and then scanned and e-mailed or faxed back to us. When all the paperwork is done, we process your order and ship out your gear! This whole process tends to take only 1-2 business days.  If we have to order your gear in, the order will be placed immediately and everything will ship when your order arrives at the shop.