Pro Audio Rentals

At Quest Musique, we can provide all the gear you’ll need to make your event a success.




From speakers to mixers, rack gear, lights, fog, lasers and more, Quest is your one-stop rental destination. Unlike some companies, we also allow you to reserve your equipment in advance, giving you peace of mind that the gear will be ready and waiting for you. We have professional audio technicians on staff who can be booked to help run the equipment during your event. Rental fees depend on the period of time the equipment is booked for. Quest offers daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates on all equipment.

Our Rental Fleet Includes:

Dynamic Microphones Passive Mixers Power Amplifiers
Condenser Microphones Powered Mixers Stage Lighting
Wireless Microphones DJ Mixers DJ Lighting
Drum Microphone Packages Passive Speakers Fog Machines
DI Boxes Powered Speakers Projectors
Rack Gear Powered Sub-woofers Staging


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