AER Alpha Plus 1x8 50W Acoustic Combo

by AER
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The Alpha Plus has one channel but two independent input stages (line and mic/line) which offers you various options in signal processing. The Alpha Plus's 50 Watts and 8" full range speaker system provides a well balanced tone at all sound pressure levels. This AER amp boasts a 3 band EQ and reverb and is subtly dynamically controlled ensuring absolute reliability in full load operation despite its strikingly small size and weight.

On the amp's front side you'll find a combo socket signal input for 6.3mm mono jackplug and XLR connectors (48V phantom power) and a signal source selector switch which allows you to choose between line for instruments and other line level sources or mic for microphones. There is a rotary gain control for this input level.

The second input section consist of a 6.3 mm mono jackplug and an input sensitivity switch. There's also an LED overload indicator , tone colour filter activation switch and gain control. The rest of the front panel houses the bass, middle and treble level controls, the efx level or reverb control, the power on/off switch and master level control.

The rear panel houses the line out which supplies the pre-amp signal taken after tone control, effects and master for forwarding to your other devices. The send output allows the connection of an external effect device and in conjunction with the return input forms a loop designed as external loop. A headphone out enables the connection of stereo headphones when you need to play silently.

The triple-band equalizer of the Alpha Plus provides an active and high quality sound interaction tool that supports the natural tone of instruments and voice whilst simultaneously offering the possibility of a controlled accentuation. With all controls in mid position the amp produces a pleasing and natural sound that you can "colour up? using the colour filter. This has the effect of lowering the mids and lifting the trebles producing a more open and light tone especially suited for fingerpicking techniques.


Input 1 - line mode (jack only) or mic mode (jack or XLR)
Input 2
Clip LED

Line Out
Tone Controls:

Colour (Input 2)

Power amp: 40 W / 4 Ω at 1 THD, DMOS, monolithic I.C. Dynamic range, A-weighted: 92 dB
Limiter: Threshold 35 W / 4 Ω
Analog signal processing: Subsonic filter, adaptive peak limiter
Speaker system: 8" (200 mm) twin cone full-range speaker, bass reflex enclosure
Mains power: Mains voltage (depending on model): 100, 120, 230, or 240 V , 50-60 Hz.
Power consumption: max. 100 W
Mains fuse: Size: 5 x 20 mm, For 230 and 240 V models: T 1 A L, For 100 and 120 V models: T 2 A L