AER Compact 60-3 1x8 60W Acoustic Combo

by AER
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The AER Compact 60-3 60W 1x8 acoustic guitar combo amp is a professional, compact and powerful amp system. Great for the singer/songwriter who requires outstanding reproduction of his/her instrument and vocals. This combo is a handy unit that's easy to transport, even if you're going by public transport. Throughout the years, the Compact 60 has become a standard in amplification, delivering the outstanding AER tone in nearly all possible situations. Like all AER systems, this one is subtly dynamically controlled, which ensures absolute reliability in full load operation despite strikingly small size and weight.
Thoroughly developed for the enhancement of acoustic instruments, it's suitable for other instruments as well, even electric ones.

One 8" speaker
Two channels with triple/dual band equalizer
Four digital effect presets (Reverb 1 and 2, Delay, Chorus)