Behringer X32 Producer Digital Mixer


Behringer's X32 PRODUCER digital mixer packs everything you need to easily mix and record a live show into a svelte, roadworthy package. But with its amazing-sounding MIDAS-designed mic preamps, this mixer is also at home in the studio. Forty inputs and 16 mix buses give you the flexibility you need, while a 32 x 32 USB interface delivers instant compatibility with major DAWs. You also get serious signal processing that can be quickly configured for sessions of any size. Factor in its amazingly intuitive interface, and you've got a winner: Behringer's X32 PRODUCER is for you.

Behringer X32 PRODUCER Digital Mixer at a Glance:
Impressive flexibility for its size
Great-sounding MIDAS-designed mic preamps
Instant compatibility with major DAWs
Eight true-stereo multi-effects processors
Intuitive, iron-fisted control
Impressive flexibility for its size

The Behringer X32 PRODUCER digital mixer boasts massive I/O for its compact size. Fitted with 16 great-sounding programmable mic preamps, eight XLR outputs plus six additional line I/O, two headphone connectors, and a talkback section with integrated or external mic, the X32 PRODUCER lets you do sizable shows without fear of running out of I/O. A built-in expansion port for audio interface cards or digital networking bridges expands the X32 PRODUCER's functionality as needed. Got a really big show coming up? The X32 PRODUCER is It's 96 x 48 digital snake-ready via dual AES50 ports, letting you use inexpensive CAT 5 cable to run your I/O (you can chain three S16 Digital Snakes off each port). This protocol features KLARK TEKNIK's SuperMAC networking capability for ultra-low jitter and latency.

Great-sounding MIDAS-designed mic preamps
On the design of X32 PRODUCER's programmable preamps, Behringer worked with sister companies MIDAS and Klark Teknik to develop programmable, studio-grade mic preamps that deliver enhanced dynamic range, superior common mode rejection, and vanishingly low harmonic distortion (THD). These preamps sound amazing!

Instant compatibility with major DAWs
Behringer X32 PRODUCER digital mixer's 32 x 32 USB interface lets you record your tracks straight into your DAW. How convenient is that? Right out of the box, you get compatibility with ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, and nearly any other ASIO or Core-Audio compatible DAW!

Eight true-stereo multi-effects processors
The Behringer X32 PRODUCER digital mixer sports an onboard virtual FX Rack, that gives you access to eight true-stereo (16 mono) multi-effects processors including delay, chorus, and dynamics. It can also run four studio-quality stereo reverbs together with with eight channels of 31-band graphic EQ. Say goodbye to bulky, expensive outboard hardware!

Intuitive, iron-fisted control
With Behringer's X32 PRODUCER digital mixer, you can assign signals to eight DCA (Digitally Controlled Amplifier) groups, with simultaneous group level control via dedicated 100mm motorized faders. The X32 PRODUCER has a talkback section (with a built-in mic) that lets you communicate with the artists. The X32 PRODUCER's robust scene management lets you take snapshots of your mixes that you can recall later. You can even save them to a USB stick! What's more, there's a high-resolution 5" daylight-viewable color TFT display for easy viewing of your workflow components and parameters.

Behringer X32 PRODUCER Digital Mixer Features:
40-input, 25-total-bus digital mixer
16 mix busses; main LCR; 6 matrix buses
16 programmable MIDAS-designed mic preamps deliver audiophile sound quality
Highly configurable, with 40 input channels and 17 motorized faders
6 matrix mix buses; 16 mix buses feature inserts; 6-band parametric EQs and dynamics
Powerful scene management for easy handling of complex productions
32 x 32 USB interface delivers instant compatibility with major DAWs
Ultranet connectivity for optional Behringer P-16 Personal Monitoring System
96 x 48 digital snake-ready (sold separately) via AES50 ports
Comes with Tracktion 4 music production software

Tech Specs:
Type Digital
Channels 32
Inputs - Mic Preamps 16 x XLR
Inputs - Other 2 x RCA (aux), 6 x TRS (aux)
Inputs - Digital 32 x USB; 2 x AES50 (32, via optional digital snake)
Outputs - Main 8 x XLR
Outputs - Direct Assignable
Outputs - Other 2 x RCA (aux), 6 x TRS (aux)
Outputs - Digital 32 USB/Firewire, 2 x AES50 (32, via optional digital snake)
Headphones 2
Send/Return I/O 6 x TRS
Data I/O Ethernet, USB, MIDI I/O
I/O Expansion Slots Card Slot - Includes 32x32 USB Interface
Phantom Power 32
EQ Bands 4-band parametric EQ (6-band on mix buses)
Aux Sends 16
Busses/Groups 25 (16 mix busses, Main LCR, 6 matrix buses)
Faders 17 (100mm, motorized)
Channel Inserts Virtual, physical assignable to AUX in/outs
Effects Yes
Talkback Yes
Transport Controls via Assign section
DAW Control Yes
Computer Connectivity 1 x USB
Rackmountable Yes
Height 6.4"
Depth 19.9"
Width 19.3"
Weight 25.1 lbs.