Bergantino B|Amp Bass Amplifier


Bergantino Audio B|Amp Bass Amplifier

The new Bergantino B|Amp is a game changer in the Bass Amplification industry!

The Bergantino Audio Systems’ B|Amp is an incredibly flexible, state-of-the-art Bass Amplifier, delivering maximum performance in a compact package. The B|Amp takes a completely new approach to bass amplification by considering and including the speaker cabinet’s response as part of the amplification signal path. No other bass amplifier on the market has the ability to manage speaker and overall system performance like the B|AMP. This is accomplished through a Proprietary Profile EQ system along with many other important and useful design features including:

  • DSP, Embedded System Controlled, Bass Amplifier
  • LCD Display
  • Multifunction Tone Controls; 4-Band EQ w/ Adjustable frequency range
  • Bass: +/- 9dB Variable from 40Hz to 120Hz
  • Lo-Mid: +/- 9dB Variable from 150Hz to 800Hz
  • Hi-Mid: +/- 9dB Variable from 800Hz to 3kHz
  • Treble: +/- 9dB Variable from 3kHz to 8kHz
  • Programmable Filters
  • Programmable bright switch: +3dB to +12dB in 1dB increments, variable from 2kHz to 10kHz in 500Hz increments
  • Variable High-Pass Filter (VHPF): Adjustable from 30Hz to 80Hz in 2Hz increments
  • Variable Feedback filter: Adjustable from off to -6dB to -12dB in 1 dB increments. Frequency range from E1 (41Hz) to G3 (196Hz) in half step increments
  • On-Board Programmable Chromatic Tuner stable down to the low B fundamental
  • Auxiliary input and headphone jack for personal monitor and practice use
  • Effects send and return loop
  • Studio quality Direct Output, software selectable Pre or Post EQ
  • Software Selectable Line Output (Pre-amp or tuner out)
  • UPS – Universal power supply 115VAC- 240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Software selectable Phase output (Normal or Reverse)
  • 2 User Programmable Memory Settings
  • USB Port
  • Load Custom Speaker Profiles
  • Software Upgradable
  • Expandable System Architecture
  • Power Section: 350W RMS at 8-Ohms, 700W RMS at 4-Ohms, 800W RMS at 2.67-Ohms and 800W RMS at 2-Ohms
  • Software selectable, speaker impedance matching for optimal power transfer down to 2-Ohm minimum load.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.5″W x 8.375”D x 3.75”H
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.

Please note that all B|Amp units now ship with Firmware v. 2.05. The 2.05 update offers some incredible new features to an already-stellar amplifier.

1. The hard Limiter circuit has been changed to a soft-clipping circuit on the output stage allowing more usable amp volume at the limit of the amplifier power rails.

2. An added variable 'Q' control has been added upgrading the EQ section from a 'semi-parametic' (level and frequency) to a fully parametric EQ section (level, frequency & width). Available settings are now; Wide .71, Medium 1.0 & Narrow 1.41.

3. Bergantino has added an Effects Menu which incorporates three 'flavors' of a drive software circuit; Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz. The Overdrive adds harmonic texture to the circuit extending the voicing of the B|Amp closer to a full tube amplifier, the Distortion is voiced like a tube amplifier driven into clipping, and the Fuzz circuit recreates some of the classic fuzz pedals we all love. Any of the three can be used globally or saved in either/both of the memory settings.

If you have any questions regarding the B|Amp, contact our staff at 1.866.386.5638.