Cat's Tongue Grip Brain Pick Pack



CATS TONGUE GRIP BRAIN PICKS The smartest pick you'll ever use!

The birth of the Original Cat’s Tongue Brain Pick is an inspiring story of innovation and determination. Some 25 years ago in Czechoslovakia (before the Czech Republic was created) Jan, a talented young guitar player working in the military, would spend the equivalent of a day’s pay to buy one pick at the U.S. store in Prague. Frustrated with the lack of options he started to experiment, determined to create a pick that would feel great to use and would last a very long time. He tried making picks from the plastic jugs that a solvent came in. (That didn’t work too well). He tried over and over to find the perfect pick. At long last he was satisfied. He created a pick with a special finish, one that felt just like the tongue of a cat. By then his country had become the Czech Republic, connected to the global community. He was able to share this new brain child - born from his own sweat and ingenuity using the highest quality material - with the guitarists around the world. By having a wide variety of gauges (10) there was a pick to suit any playing style. The unique grip made the pick comfortable to hold and kept it from slipping. Now around the world, it has become a favorite. ..all because one player wanted freedom of choice long before his country had it. Today there are some imitators, but the original Cat’s Tongue Brain PickTM is made by Jan and his family in the Czech Republic, still to the original high standards. Pocket Pack of 10