Demedash Effects - Spidola Germanium Fuzz



Whether you put it behind 10 buffers, or right up at the front of your chain, The Spidola Germanium Fuzz ® will shed your muddiness and trade it in for a growl that can tear through any mix. Elevate your performance with this frequency-selective fuzz that nails the sweet spot every time.

How it works:

The first thing your axe signal sees in the Spidola is a high-end op amp boost, running at 18v for maximum peak-peak output thanks to an internal charge pump. Your boosted notes split off into two paths, slamming two frequency-selective fuzz/drive circuits in tandem:

  • A vintage high-gain Germanium transistor in a configuration that scoops out the low end, much like the original Treble Boosters used by rock legends to drive their amps. Complete with High-cut control to let you tame any shrillness

  • A silicon diode-based overdrive circuit that muffles all high end, yielding a thick low end.

Each of these paths has a control to help finesse the sound to suit your setup and your taste. The Fuzz/Treble side lets you roll off high end, while the Bass/Drive side has its own level control, allowing you to entirely dial it to zero if you just want that sweet overdriven treble booster sound.

The two paths meet, are recombined, and a final passive volume control lets you decide how much you want to tame the output level (this thing has some serious pipes).


Gain: Adjust the amount of boost applied by a premium op amp to the input of both the bass and treble channels.

Bass: Adjust the output level of the bass overdrive section. Increase to fill out bottom end and get a meaty, thick tone. Decrease to allow the Treble Boosting Fuzz side to dominate the output.

Treble: Vary the cutoff of a Low Pass Filter applied to the output of the Treble boosting fuzz side. Set fully clockwise to let the maximum amount of treble through; turn a bit counter-clockwise to tame the high end, turn fully counter-clockwise to darken your signal significantly.

Level: Adjust the overall output volume of the device after the bass and treble channels have been recombined.

Made completely by hand using only the finest quality parts:

  • Hand-measured and selected germanium transistor fabricated and packaged in the USSR in the 1970s-80s.

  • 1/4W Carbon Composition Resistors

  • WIMA/Panasonic Film Capacitors

  • Nichicon Fine Gold Audio-grade Electrolytic Capacitors

  • Switchcraft Jacks

  • LT1054 Charge Pump for increased headroom

 Spec Sheet:

  • 125B Size: 4.7”x2.5” (Stamped versions available in smaller 1590B case with side-mounted jacks)

  • Current Draw: 60mA @ 9VDC (No Battery compartment)

  • Input Impedance: ~500kOhm

  • True Bypass

  • All Analog Design

  • Immune to buffers (happy anywhere in your chain)

  • Top Mounted Jacks

  • Hand-made in Canada