Demedash Effects - T-120 Deluxe V2



Tape Worn Glory

With all the tape-worn sounds of the T-120 standard model, the Deluxe adds some brilliant features for anyone who works their rig that little bit harder.

Tap Tempo

The combined Tap/Swell footswitch lets you accurately punch in tempos for rhythmic repeats. With 4 selectable tap divisions, you’ll find plenty of patterns to play with.

Modulation Heaven

The 4 modulation controls: Depth, Rate, Glide & Randomize let you sculpt the pitch wavering flutter like nothing else. From organic, wandering tape flutter to glitchy pitch jumps, the only hard part is deciding which setting you like best.

Echo Trails

Select whether echo trails are activated on the fly! While the DLX v1.5 allowed trails selection with an internal DIP switch, the DLX v2 lets you switch them on and off right from the front panel with no fuss.

Stereo Output

The T-120 Deluxe V2 features stereo outputs, much like stereo choruses.

While it doesn’t do ping pong-ing style stereo delay, it outputs a gorgeous wide depth of field, especially with modulation dialed in nice & thick.


  • 9VDC Operation

  • 100 mA current draw

  • DSP-free

  • 125B Size (4.7”x2.5”)

  • Lifetime warranty