Demedash Effects - T-120 Videotape Echo V2


SKU T120


Inspired by the garbled audio that accompanies worn-out and poorly aged budget bin video tape, the T-120 Videotape Echo gives you exactly the type of sound that you're hearing in your head when you look at it.


Feed your guitar through the T-120, and the recorded playback will be the sound of low bandwidth tape being fed haphazardly through a magnetic read head by an uncalibrated, unbalanced feed mechanism.


The T-120 v2, introduced in June 2020, introduces soft switching and two new LFO parameters - 'Glide' & 'Randomize', accessible by holding the footswitch down while the effect is engaged and turning the 'Depth' & 'Speed' Knobs, respectively.


The 4 modulation controls: Depth, Rate, Glide & Randomize let you sculpt the pitch wavering flutter like nothing else. From organic, wandering tape flutter to glitchy pitch jumps, the only hard part is deciding which setting you like best.


  • 9VDC Operation

  • 80 mA current draw

  • 125B Enclosure Size (4.7”x2.5”)

  • No DSP used

  • Lifetime warranty