Diamond CPR1 Compressor - Optical Compressor with EQ



Recording studios often use rackmount ‘vocal channels’ – a mic preamp, compressor, and EQ all in one unit as a front end for vocal recording. The Diamond Compressor is our take on a ‘guitar channel’ – a dynamics and tone shaping tool for live and studio use, with low-noise, ultra-linear signal buffering, smooth opto-based compression, and a versatile ’tilt’ EQ that musically shifts overall frequency balance.

All in a user-friendly 3-control package – Comp, EQ and Volume.



– Vactrol opto-isolator variable resistance path as used in
high-end studio compressors for smooth attack and decay
characteristics while preserving initial signal transients.
– Premium audio components, including 2% polypropylene
capacitors,1% metal film resistors and a pro audio grade
opamp (our signal path opamp alone costs 8 to 10 times
what the industry norm uses).
– Post-compressor ’tilt’ EQ provides a very musical
tailoring of frequency response – seamlessly transition
from a darker jazz voicing to a brighter jangle,
with flat frequency response at the center detent position. – Double filtering stage in side chain to eliminate
low frequency modulation while preserving fast
compression response.
– Dual AC capacitive coupling paths for improved
transient response.
– Bi-color LED provides visual indication of depth
of compression.
– True bypass signal path.
– Battery or standard negative tip 9V DC
adapter operation, can be powered from
9 to 24 V negative tip.