Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder Pedal

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Using the same algorithm as Electro-Harmonix's popular V256 Vocoder with Reflex Tune, the Iron Lung Vocoder presents the musician with a 256-band dedicated vocoder that delivers aggressive and fluid access to vocal manipulation. Aside from being world class in sound, the Iron Lung presents tonal controls to make fine-tuned adjustments for aggressive and articulate harmonic emphasis. The Gender Bender control allows the player/singer to adjust the tonal character to be more female in character when advanced to the right and to have a more male tonality when adjusted to the left. The Tone control adds adjustable definition and brightness to the overall tone. An XLR connection is provided for your microphone of choice and the selectable 3-position switch matches your selected microphone for the perfect balance.
256-band dedicated vocoder
Same algorithm as V256 Vocoder with Reflex Tune
Gender Bender control knob for adding more female or male characteristics
Tone control knob
Analog in for your instrument
Polyphonic or monophonic tracking your mic input signal
Use a guitar, keyboard, or other polyphonic source for triggering notes generated from your mic

Iron Lung Vocoder Pedal
Weight: approx. 1/2 lb.
Dimensions: 4.22"L x 2.39"W x 1.09"H