Engl Fireball 25 Special Edition, Red Bronco

by Engl
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ENGL Fireball 25 Special Edition Red Bronco 25W Tube Amplifier Head - E633SR. Limited to only 25 pieces. 

New for 2020 is this incredible ENGL Fireball 25! The FB25 is a straight-forward heavy metal and hard rock amplifier that delivers truly monstrous high-gain tones along with sparkling cleans. By far the best sounding metal "lunchbox" amplifier to ever exist in our opinion. Ballsy, in-your-face, tight and musicality abounds!

We frankly were stunned at how good the Fireball 25 sounds. Never before have we played a mini-head that was indistinguishable from its 100W bretheren like this. It has 2 channels of dual 6L6 tube power with foot-switchable Master Volumes, Mid-Boost, Noise-Gate, Bottom Boost, and FX Loop. 

Not only is this one of the best modern high-gain heads in its price range, I would argue its one of the best period! We implore anyone to visit our showroom and give one of these a try! 

We recommend a pair of ENGL Z-4 footswitch in order to control all of the Fireball 100's useful features. One will control MidBoost Off/On + Effects Loop Off/On, while the other will control Channel Switching + Master A/B.