Fender Mexican Offset Duo Sonic MN

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The Fender Duo Sonic is one of those rare gems in the Fender offset family that has been around since the mid 50's and has been in and out of production since. Now it is back in the lineup at a great low price meaning players of all levels can get to experience a guitar like this.

Simple Build

Like a lot of the Fender offset guitars simplicity is key in making this such a great guitar for the money. Using a Mustang style body matched up with a vintage style Maple neck this guitar has a really interesting feel thanks to that shorter scale length that the Duo Sonic and Mustang are known for. There is nothing crazy here, just great quality guitar building at an affordable price.

Short Scale Length

One of the really cool parts about the Offset series is the use of shorter scale lengths. While the earlier versions of this guitar used a really short 22.5" scale this version uses a 24" scale. This fits in between full size Fender scale and 3/4 scale giving you the benefits of easier bends and a really smooth sound without losing out on playability.

Pair Of Single Coils

This particular version of the Duo Sonic has a pair of vintage voiced single coils much like the original 50's guitar had. These are perfect for taking advantage of that more midrange heavy sound you get from that shorter scale length. These are great low output pickups that suit more alternative styles like surf and alt rock or any time

Here's what Fender says about the Offset Duo Sonic

Since its debut in 1956, the Duo-Sonic has found its way into the hands of genre-defining artists, becoming an underground sensation that helped create alternative music in the dingy clubs of New York City. A surprisingly hip guitar with upgraded contemporary features, this instrument features slick style and a unique sound that's perfectly at home in modern music. Almost infinitely flexible, the pair of Duo-Sonic single-coil pickups in the bridge and neck positions lends a unique character to for everything from bright, jangly arpeggios to heavy chords. Master volume and tone controls, along with a three-way pickup switch, shape the pickups' voice to match the music. The 24" scale adds a bit of warmth and thickness to the guitar's inherent tone, while granting a slinkier playing feel, making it easier to perform multi-step bends. Topped by a 9.5"-radius maple fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets, the "C"-shaped maple neck is comfortable for all playing styles and ideal for players with smaller hands, or those who use extended chord forms. The six-saddle string-through-body hardtail Strat bridge increases sustain while the bent steel saddles add some zing to your tone, enhancing the upper harmonics to cut through a dense mix. The downsized body is comfortable for smaller players or those who enjoy energetic stage performances. A gloss polyester finish protects the body while the neck bears a satin polyurethane finish for fast, easy playability. Aesthetic appointments, including the knurled flat-top control knobs, cast/sealed tuning machines and a three-ply Mint Green pickguard, add a touch of classic Fender style to this updated design.

The unsung hero of the alternative underground, the Duo-Sonic is perfect for players who desire a unique sound and visual style.


  • Pickups: Duo-Sonic Single-Coil
  • Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone
  • Pickup Selector: 3-way toggle
  • Scale Length: 24"
  • Neck: Maple
  • Neck Shape: 'C Shape
  • Neck Finish: Satin Polyurethane
  • Tuning Heads: Cast/sealed
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Fretboard Radius: 9.5"
  • Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo
  • Bridge: Hardtail Strat through body
  • Body Finish: Gloss Polyester
  • Control Knobs: Knurled Flat-top