Ibanez RGDIX7MPB-SBB Iron Label 7-String

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A few years ago a new boutique guitar look came out and slowly throughout the years has gained more and more popularity. The idea is a two layer body that mixes a beautiful figured top and a natural body look at the same time. Ibanez looked at this and realised that it would look amazing on an RGD...so that is what they made.

Enter the Ibanez RGDIX7MPB-SBB

An absolutely stunning example of boutique design and build quality on an instrument nearly any musician can afford. With an extended scale range and brand new DiMarzio Fusion pickups that were co designed with Ibanez for todays progressive players.

Boutique Design

A majority of the body is made out of Ash finished in a clear coat to let the grain pop but on the top (well part of it anyway) you have a thin layer of Polar Burl. This may not add much to the tone but in terms of looks...it is unbeatable.

The neck follows in a similar way using their Nitro Wizard 7 carve and made out of a mixture of Maple and Bubinga the tone and stability are amazing. It is the Birdseye Maple fretboard that steals the show however. Usually only found on more boutique options Ibanez have really pulled out all of the stops with this guitar.

Made For Downtuning

Ibanez RGD models are well known for being great for downtuning. With a 26.5" scale length and a body that can handle a lot of tension this 7 string variant is no different. In fact it comes set up out of the box in A standard (A,D,G,C,F,A,D). Throw on some slightly heavier strings and you can easily get in to 8 string territory without large amounts of flab in your tone.

DiMarzio Fusion Pickups

DiMarzio and Ibanez go together better than any other two companies in this complex world of guitars. They have always been a great option for extended range players and that is just as true today as it was when Ibanez popularized the 7 string with the Universe many years ago.

These new pickups were designed in collaboration with these two companies with the goal of the ultimate progressive tone. It is crystal clear when needed but can also support extremely high gain as well making it a prog machine!

Here's what Ibanez say about the RGDIX7MPB
The new RGD Iron Label series offers a new type of body construction, never before featured on a RGD model. An Exotic wood top sits above a natural finish Ash body, capturing the highly sought-after "layered body" look that is popular with today's boutique guitar enthusiasts. The RGDIX7MPB-SBB features a Poplar Burl top and a stunning Birdseye Maple fretboard. The guitar features the brand new DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups, which were the result of a direct collaboration between DiMarzio and Ibanez. They provide great clarity and a very smooth response, satisfying the current demands of players in today's progressive metal scene. The 26.5" scale length of the RGD line enables rich, thick tone when down-tuning, but still remains extremely playable for highly technical riffs and runs. Extra-deep cutaways grant comfortable access to the neck's highest notes. With the combination of the Gibraltar Standard II bridge and locking tuners, the RGD Iron Label is a perfect choice for the metal player looking for a more modern guitar that features the ultimate in both sound and playability.


Neck type: Nitro Wizard-7 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck
Body: Poplar Burl top/Layered Ash body
Fretboard: Birdseye Maple fretboard
Fret: Jumbo frets
Bridge: Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge
Neck pickup: DiMarzio® Fusion Edge (H) neck pickup
Bridge pickup: DiMarzio® Fusion Edge (H) bridge pickup
Tuners: Gotoh Locking
Hardware color: Black
Factory tuning: 1D, 2A, 3F, 4C, 5G, 6D,7A