• Ibanez RGMS8
  • Ibanez RGMS8
  • Ibanez RGMS8
  • Ibanez RGMS8
  • Ibanez RGMS8

Ibanez RGMS8


The RG is the most recognizable and distinctive guitar in the Ibanez line. Three decades of metal have forged this high-performance machine, honing it for both speed and strength. Whether you favor a hardtail (fixed) bridge or our industry-leading locking tremolo system, the RG is a precision instrument.

  • neck type Wizard III-8 for Multi Scale 5pc Maple/Walnut neck
  • body Mahogany body
  • fretboard Jatoba fretboard w/White split off-set dot inlay
  • fret Jumbo frets
  • bridge Mono-rail bridge
  • neck pickup Array-8 MS (H) neck pickup ()
  • bridge pickup Array-8 MS (H) bridge pickup ()
  • factory tuning Factory Tuning: 1D#,2A#,3F#,4C#,5G#,6D#,7A#,8F
  • string gauge String Gauge: .009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042/.059/.080
  • hardware color Cosmo black


Equalized tension helps to create a more "alive", open tone. But the design also improves player comfort. The multi scale construction ergonomically coordinates with the way a player's hand angles as it moves up and down the neck, facilitating quick, comfortable playing action.

Jatoba Fretboard

Jatoba has a reddish brown color which produces a rich mid range with a crisp high end.

Mono-rail bridge

The Mono-Rail bridge delivers the ultimate in string-to-string isolation, meaning that each string vibrates optimally without be affected by the others.

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