MONO M80 Dual-Electric Bass Case

by Mono


The MONO M80 Dual Bass Case solves the hassle of traveling with two basses. MONO's elegant solution - the M80 - offers each of your instruments the same protection that separate cases would. You often have two instruments handy on gigs, in the studio, or on tour. Now you can bring 'em both, hassle-free. The M80's innovative design creates, essentially, a separate case for each bass - and it also works great if you're only packin' one bass. Next time you have to travel with two basses, grab the one case you need: the MONO M80!

MONO M80 Dual Bass Case Features at a Glance:
Carry two basses in one convenient, protective case!
"Zig zag" design creates a completely separate case for each bass
Z-form design allows for immediate access to either bass
Designed to military spec; extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements
ABS shell/Sharkskin waterproof outer shell
Plush lining protects delicate custom finishes
Headstocks are protected with our Neckbrace feature and strap pin bumpers
Specialized storage compartments put your gear right where you need it
Hidden upper pocket keeps your wallet, keys, and cell concealed
Carry two basses, conveniently and safely, with the MONO M80 Dual Bass Case!

Tech Specs
Intended Guitar Type Fits 2 standard electric bass guitars
Int Overall Length 48"
Int Body Length 16"
Int Body Depth 3" (one instrument); 2" (two instruments)
Int Lower Bout Width 14.5"
Int Upper Bout Width 12.5"
Internal Materials Plush lining
External Materials ABS shell/Sharkskin waterproof outer shell
Handles/Straps Carry handle, backpack-style straps
Pockets 1 x ext, 1 x int