Mr. Black Eterna Shimmering Reverb Pedal

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The Mr Black Eterna is a stunning simmering reverb that as they put it 'sounds as if 10,000 angels were singing exactly what you were playing'. This pedal even without the shimmer mode turned up sounds large and can go on for quite some time with a luscious sound that will work with a bunch of styles.

Shimmering Reverb

The idea behing a shimmering reverb is that behind your guitar you have a pitched up version of your guitar that is also heavily reverberated. This pedal like all Mr Black pedals likes to take things up a notch and does so by creating a sound that sounds like it has a whole choir behind your guitar. This works amazingly well with large swells and slow chord sections that can take advantage of the long reverb.

It Goes On and On

Most reverbs will trail off within a second or so at most apart but the Eterna has a lush trail that can go on for 40 seconds. That is not a typo it realy goes for up to 40 seconds! Of course you can still get a shorter reverb when you need it but this pedal is at its best when given plently of room to breath.

Lush reverb with up to a 40 second tail
Shimmer makes your guitar sound like a choir of angels serenading in a supermassive auditorium in the clouds
9V power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery
MIX: Adjusts dry to wet signal ratio

Full CCW: 1:0 ratio (all dry)
Full CW: 0:1 ratio (all WET!)
SHIMMER: Controls angels

Full CCW: No angels
Full CW: Vibrant angels
DECAY: Sets length of reverb tail

Full CCW: Short
Full CW: Really, really long
BYPASS SWITCH: Toggles on/off

LED off: Netenra. :(
Tech stuff:

Input impedance: ~500K
Output impedance: ~2K
Bypass: True-Bypass
Current draw: <60mA
Power requirement: 9V adapter or 9V battery