QMA: ROCKsCOOL - Monthly Registration


Quest Music Academy is excited to introduce our new Rock Band Program for 2018!

Music is a divine form of artistic expression that allows us to use emotion in a spontaneous and collective idiom. As a Music Academy that is striving to breath new life into the routine of music lessons we are announcing...

A Dynamic and energetic jam class where students have super-fun weekly band practices and perform live concerts at local all-age venues!

Purchasing this item will register you for weekly sessions in the ROCKsCOOL program. This initial deposit covers your first four sessions. During this time you will be contacted to set up automated monthly payments either by credit card or bank transfer.

The ROCKsCOOL program will be renewed monthly at $180/month.

Once your registration is complete, our ROCKsCOOL instructors will contact you with further program details.

ROCKsCOOL is a weekly rock band program that takes place every Wednesday between 7:30-9:00PM at 1308 Portage Avenue.