Quilter Tone Block 201 Stereo Rackmount

by Quilter

The Quilter ToneBlock 201 Stereo Rackmount.

Designed as the ultimate solution to power rack mount effects, the Tone Block Stereo Rackmount delivers 400 watts of aggressive power for artists who need the flexibility of up to 400 watts stereo while simultaneously providing deep and warm tube tone that never fails. Weighing in at a mere 9 pounds, the Tone Block is designed to simplify both the connections and setups that make playing rack mount equipment desirable.

Utilizing Quilter's patent pending technology, we are able to deliver more than just power. The tone and responsiveness are easily the match of even the best tube amplifiers except... They don't break down, they sound great even at moderate stage volumes, they have an active power supply making them incredibly consistent even when the venue's voltage is lacking and making international travel as simple as plugging in. Anywhere in the world!

Try one today and upgrade your tone!


Dual ToneBlock 201 200 watt amplifiers.
Dual AC cables
ToneBlock 200 Rack Mount kit.
Put it in your rack and hook it up to your rig!