Schecter Synyster Gates Commemorative "City of Evil" C-1 FR

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Take a trip through the City Of Evil and Seize The Day with your ticket to Bat Country thanks to this awesome commemorative Synyster Gates C-1 FR guitar by Schecter. Before Synyster Gates had his own signature line of guitars with Schecter he was well known for playing an all white C-1 FR guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups. Now for the first time they are releasing this guitar to the world in a limited run of just 100.

Seymour Duncan Invader Pickups

Synyster Gates has been a big fan of these pickups even back to the early days of the band. This pickup is your classic heavily overwound ceramic magnet pickup that suits high gain mayhem unlike any other. With plenty of low end chunk to fill out rhythm sections and crisp clear highs that provide good note separation even more technical guitarists will get on well with this pickup.

Floyd Rose 1500 Tremolo

An exclusive part to Schecter this tremolo system takes their very popular 1000 series tremolo and gives it a few small modifications to improve stability. While you may not notice much difference in tone the tuning stability and lifetime of parts like the saddles has been improved.

Numbered and Signed

As awesome as this guitar is Schecter is only making 100 of these. We have number 13 of 100!