Selmer Professional TS44 Tenor Saxophone

by Selmer

It is the first collaboration between Selmer US and Henri Selmer Paris that has resulted in an affordable saxophone with unexpected performance. The Selmer TS-44 possesses many features that are common for professional instruments and uncommon for student instruments. It possesses all of the dynamic and timbral range a professional musician needs to deliver an expressive performance, but stays in a price range that is within reach of more musicians than would be a Reference 54 or a Series III.

  • Henri Selmer Paris neck
  • Body/Neck/Bell: Yellow Bras
  • Key Material: Brass
  • Aux Keys: High F#
  • Tone Holes: Drawn
  • Mounting: ribbed
  • Pads: treated leather
  • Resonators: metal
  • Springs: blue steel
  • Thumbhook: metal adj
  • Engraved bell
  • Henri Selmer Paris MPC
  • BAM Backpack Case