Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Hum-Canceling Woody Pickup

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The Seymour Duncan Woody HC SA-3HC is a hum cancelling acoustic pickup. For finger-picking and strumming guitarists it is a great sounding, quick fitting solution to getting your guitar amplified.

Seymour Duncan Woody HC SA-3HC, low noise acoustic pickup
Looking for a low noise acoustic pickup? The Seymour Duncan Woody HC SA-3SC is hum-cancelling. There are no batteries or permanent alterations required. All you do is carefully mount it into the soundhole of you acoustic guitar. Make sure the dimensions of the soundhole are between 94 and 100 mm. Otherwise it won't fit! The Seymour Duncan Woody pickup has been housed in a maple cover. It has also been double potted with wax and epoxy. Instructions for fitting it are included.

Amplify your acoustic guitar with ease
The Seymour Duncan Woody HC SA-3SC works great for many different styles of music. Both fingerstyle and strumming guitarists will be happy with the sound of this acoustic pickup. Especially when you consider the low price! To get the best out of it plug it through either a PA System or dedicated acoustic amp. It delivers a low noise, clear acoustic tone. There is plenty of definition in your sound too. It is crisp and clean. There is still plenty of warmth though. Well known players of the Seymour Duncan Woody HC include Mike Dennis and Billy White Acre.

The Seymour Duncan Woody HC SA-3SC includes a fourteen foot cable to connect it up. This is studio quality to ensure the best quality of sound. This version has a maple finish. It can also be purchased in Walnut or Black also. It has been hand made in Santa Barbara, California, USA.
Product Details
Supplier Product Code: 1611500-31
Product Code: 11500-31
Product Name: Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Hum-Cancelling Woody
Finish: Maple
Position: Magnetic Soundhole
Moderate Output
Instant Mount
Fits Standard Soundholes - 3.75 Inches (94 mm) to 4 Inches (100 mm)