Sire Larry Carlton - Natural Flamed Maple

by Sire
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2020 will be an exciting year as we proudly announce the release of our new Electric Guitar lineup. Over the years, we received many requests and inquiries regarding the Electric Guitar, however, due to various preparation stages, the release is now just ahead. The guitarist who will be collaborating with SIRE on our new electric guitar line is none other than the legendary guitarist Larry Carlton, also known as Mr 335. With the reputation that SIRE has aquired through the Bass legend Marcus Miller, we will continue to pursue the high-quality image of SIRE together with Larry Carlton on our new electric guitar and Acoustic guitar lineup. With Larry Carlton's long standing know-how and SIRE's ability to develop unique musical instruments, we were able to create a synergy and develop the new electric guitar and acoustic guitar.
  • Strat Style with traditional design and sound