Suzuki Orff Starter Set, 13 Instruments

by Suzuki

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Based on the recommendations of several Orff teachers, we have assembled four basic starter sets. All the basic instrument categories are represented to bring you as many varied tone colours and textures as possible.

The following items are included in this set:

SXD-16 Soprano xylophone
AXD-16 Alto xylophone
GCS-16 Soprano glockenspiel
GCA-16 Alto glockenspiel
ST-10 4" (10cm) triangle
E636 10" (25cm) tunable tambourine
E671 Guiro tone block
E672 Wood block
E690 10" (25cm) tunable hand drum
E699 Finger cymbals
E702 Wrist bell
E703 Cluster bell
E711 Jingle tap