Suzuki Orff Starter Set, 19 Instruments

by Suzuki

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Based on the recommendations of several Orff teachers, we have assembled four basic starter sets. All the basic instrument categories are represented to bring you as many varied tone colours and textures as possible.

The SSS-IIIR set contains

2 x SXD-16 Soprano Xylophone
3 x AXD-16 Alto Xylophone
1 x BXD-16 Bass Xylophone
1 x SMD-16 Soprano Metallophone
1 x AMD 16 Alto Metallophone
1 x BMD-16 Bass Metallophone
1 x GCS-16 Soprano Glockenspiel
1 x SCB-C C Contra bass bar
1 x CBB-F F Contra bass bar
1 x CBB-G G Contra bass bar
1 x STE-500 Temple blocks
1 x STB-25 10"(25cm) Hand drum
1 x STB-30 12"(30cm) Hand drum
1 x STR-25 10"(25cm) Tambourine
1 x ST-10 4"(10cm) Triangle
1 x ST-18 7"(17.5cm) Triangle