Suzuki Temple blocks

by Suzuki

Five graduated blocks with mounting block, adjustable stand. Beautiful deep rich to lighter brighter sound. Comes with 1 pair of mallets.
  • 1st block 3.5"(9cm) x 3.5"(9cm) x 2.75"(7cm)
  • 2nd block 3.75"(9.5cm) x 3.7"(9.5cm) x 3"(7.5cm)
  • 3rd block 4 5/8"(12cm)x 4 5/8"(12cm) x 4"(7.5cm)
  • 4th block 5.5"(14cm) x 5.5"(14cm) x 3 1/8"(8cm)
  • 5th block 6.25"(16cm) x 5.5"(14cm) x 3.5"(9cm)