Turbosound iP1000 Speaker System

SKU iP1000

The iNSPIRE iP1000 column PA system from Turbosound won the coveted Queen’s Award for a reason; despite its unremarkable appearance, it delivers an incredibly high-grade sound quality for small to medium sized events.

Even the transportation of this system is unbeatable. The column can be split into two parts and stored in the included shoulder bag, keeping one hand free for the subwoofer and the other to open doors. The assembly of this system is also very uncomplicated: simply attach both tops to each other and then connect the two to the subwoofer. Now all you have to do is plug in the power supply and connect to the mixer via XLR/Jack and the sound check can begin. Naturally this system can also be connected to other speakers via the Link Outputs.
The iP1000 comes equipped with two 8“ subwoofers and eight 2.75“ drivers, delivering up to 1000 watts, ideal for night clubs, for presentations and much more. Worth mentioning is the KLARK TEKNIK and its Spatial Sound Technology (SST). This achieves a wide emission angle of 180° with and exact spatial positioning on stage of the performer. This delivers a huge coverage area, similarly to the performance of a line-array system. Plus, this technology also delivers another advantage: the wide sound coverage makes monitors redundant because the artist can hear the side speakers.

The integrated 24-bit DSP (Digital Signal Processor) analyses the incoming signal and works automatically to improve the sound quality. EQ, Crossover and compressor/limiter are constantly adjusted as if you had your own engineer with you. The presets are adjusted to the location of the event and position of the speakers. Naturally the user can access all functions and make your own settings with the controls on the rear of the subs. The interface consists of four buttons and an encoder, displaying all of the features on the screen.
Those who want complete access to the mix and settings of the EQ etc. from various locations, without having to stand next to the system or mixer, you can take advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity with your smart-phones and tablets. This makes the technicians job much easier and more efficient when working with the iNSPIRE series from Turbosound. Naturally you can also stream audio from your mobile device via Bluetooth.
column loudspeaker for portable PA applications
Spatial Sound Technology
1000 Watt power
2 x 8" woofer
8 x 2.75" neodymium drivers
wide sound dispersion
3 channel digital mixer with gain setting recall
control via iPhone/iPad possible
Bluetooth stereo audio streaming
DSP presets for different applications
intuitive single rotary control user interface
LCD display
Road worthy enclosure (birch plywood)
integral ergonomic carrying handles