Wampler Terraform Multi-Modulation Effects Pedal

by Wampler
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The Wampler Terraform offers 11 custom designed effects blocks, from Flanger to Phaser, Chorus to U-Vibe, Harmonic Tremolo to Envelope Filter, in one incredibly small package. You can control any of the 8 presets via midi, assign an expression pedal to control any of the main five controls, run it in full glorious stereo or keep it in mono. You can even split a mono signal to route some effects to go before your drive pedals or amp gain, and have the rest follow behind or in your effects loop.

• 11 custom designed effects blocks, including flanger, phaser, chorus, U-Vibe, tremolo, envelope filter, and more
• 8 presets to store your favourite sounds
• Versatile signal routing, from stereo to mono, with ability to split mono signal
• Expression pedal allows control of any of the 5 variables, with ability to select the heel and toe point