Yamaha DTX700K Electronic Drum Set

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The Yamaha DTX700K Electronic Drum Set includes valuable rehearsal functions and the ability to plug in headphones and play along with your iPod or other music player make it ideal for rehearsal. DTX TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) pads offer natural playability, quiet performance, and great feel. 3-zone cymbal pads deliver realistic expression. Over 50 preset kits and hundreds of sounds and effects reside in the DTX500 drum module, while USB and MIDI allow connection with external sound sources. Comes with a sturdy rack for fast setup and solid performance.

Kick pedal sold separately.
DTX700 drum module
XP80 snare pad
2 - XP70 tom pads
XP70 floor tom
KP65 kick
RHH135/HS650A hi-hat
2 - PCY135 cymbals