Yamaha DTX750K Electronic Drum Set

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The Yamaha DTX750K Electronic Drum Set is packed with advanced functions and includes the celebrated DTX TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) pads with acoustic drum feel in large pad sizes, authentic hi-hat response, and large 3-zone, choke-able cymbals.

The DTX700 module is bursting with 1,268 drums and percussion sounds, 128 keyboard and melodic sounds, and 64MB of Flash-ROM space for loading your own samples. 50 preset drum kits are available, as well as 60 user-editable kits for you to customize. 93 preset songs cover a wide range of genres, and training functions including Groove-Check and Rhythm Gate will help you to improve your timing and feel.

Kick pedal sold separately.
DTX700 drum module
XP100 snare pad
SS662 snare stand
3 - XP80 tom pads
KP65 kick drum pad
RHH135 hi-hat pad
HS650A hi-hat stand
PCY155 cymbal pad
2 - PCY135 cymbal pads
RS700 Rack