Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Shell Snare Drum

by Yamaha
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Color Finishes

Natural Wood

Raven Black

Cranberry Red

    Birch Shell

    The Stage Custom emplys 100% birch - a classic in the realm of high-class drum kits. Moreover, with its six-ply structure the Stage Custom accurately conveys the vibrations produced at the impact surface.

      Triple Flange Steel Hoop

      This hoop can be used in all situations for a wide open sound.

        Bearing Edge

        R1, 45°

        In 40 years of product development, Yamaha has found four wood snare drum bearing edge designs that produce unique tonal character and depth. Sharp edges deliver sharper tone with excellent response and rounded angles produce a rounder, thicker tone. Varying the thickness of the radius top allows for further modification. Using different bearing designs on the top and bottom of the snare is also effective in modifying the tone.

          Snare Bed

          Snare bed depth greatly influences snare effectiveness making it the most important factor in creating the snare drum sound.

          This model's snare bed is stanndard 1.8mm.


            B type (Release) and P type (Butt)

              One-piece Lugs

              Our high-tension one-piece lugs can accommodate heads tensioned to the limit.


                Hi-carbon steel 20 strands for 14"size.

                Hi-carbon steel 16 strands for 10" and 12"size.

                *Snare Plate (Pat. Pend.)

                Yamaha snare plates offer superior snare to head contact due to the slight bend in their design. When the string is drawn tight, the edge of the patented snare plate is pulled upward putting the snare in full contact with the head.

                *Strong Snare Strings

                Nylon strings are covered with a nylon braid for maximum strength and durability.



                • Depth: 5 1/2"
                • Diameter: 14"

                Design/Architecture Detail

                • Model: Triple Flange Hoop
                • Material: Steel


                • Type: Separate Lug
                • Tuning Bolts: 10


                • Material: Birch


                • Material: High Carbon Steel
                • Snare Bed: 1.8mm
                • Snare Name: Short Type Hi-Carbon Steel Snare (20 Strand)


                • Butt Side: B type
                • Release Side: B type


                • Top: Remo UT Coated
                • Bottom: Remo UT Snare